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How Good is Your Food Service Program?
Written By Richard Furioni, Senior Vice President, The Hospitality Resource Group International

Are you satisfying your customers? Are all your internal controls in place? Is your staff well trained? Are you giving your customers value? These are critical questions all managers should be asking. The reason being that food and beverage programs, along with service issues, account for the greatest member dissatisfaction in the club industry

Food and Beverage programs are very complex. Purchasing, product preparation, presentation, serving and varying programs are but a few elements that contribute to a superior program and outstanding customer satisfaction. It takes constant supervision, at all levels, to insure that every element is being conducted properly. Proper training from senior management to bus persons is very important to insure that all personnel have the knowledge to perform all tasks in a superior fashion. In today's environment, no business will survive with average service. In order for service to be superior, all personnel must be trained to the highest level and training should be ongoing and enjoyable. With today's challenges and the increasing competition facing clubs, no club can be without exceptional service.

Proper internal controls, purchasing procedures, preparation and portion control are critical to insure that maximum revenue is realized. No one element can be overlooked without disastrous results. Many businesses have failed and many clubs have excessive losses because managers did not keep on top of the above functions.

We at The Hospitality Resource Group International have the expertise to evaluate your food and beverage program in both the front and back of the house. Subsequent comprehensive training programs for chefs, servers and supervisors will prove invaluable to your operation and your members.

Studies have proven that the dollars spent on analysis and training are dollars well spent. Too many clubs often shortchange training thus achieving very poor results. Investing in your staff is often the best investment you can make. By taking care of your employees, increasing their knowledge and improving their morale, they, in turn, will make your members and their guests experience that much more memorable. The end result being that you increase member loyalty while presenting a much more positive experience to potential new members, the lifeblood of almost every club.



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