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Executive Search Process

HRGI taps into its nationwide network industry winners to help clubs find top executives and world class chefs -- Click here to find out more about the HRGI Executive Search Division

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Finding and Keeping Qualified People
written by Richard C. Day, Chairman and CEO of The Hospitality Resource Group International

Our Services / Executive Search Division

We are pleased to introduce the newest division of The Hospitality Resource Group International, our Executive Search Division. The Hospitality Resource Group International provides a wide array of consulting services to the private club industry and recognizes that clubs face significant challenges with regard to hiring top quality senior level management. Statistics show that 50% of hires are mis-hires, placing enormous pressure on club decision makers.

Our firm has outstanding contacts in the club industry, allowing us to identify all levels of management personnel including General Managers, Executive Chefs and Food and Beverage Managers.

Each of our candidates is highly respected in the industry and range from leaders of high profile clubs to “up and comers” looking for that next opportunity. We recognize that you can conduct your own search, yet our experience shows that it is costly, time consuming, and, with all due respect, decisions are made by those with little experience in the club industry.

Our senior level staff have all been owners and operators of private country clubs. One of our vice-presidents, Jo Lyn Lockley, has successfully owned one of the country’s oldest and most respected professional chef placement agencies.

Don’t leave these critical decisions to chance. There are other firms that also provide this service and have been established longer than we have. Our firm deals in people, not paper. We bend over backwards to provide you with the best candidates available and, should, for any reason, one of our candidates not meet your expectations, we will provide other candidates for your selection, at no additional fee.

Please give us the opportunity to discuss with you, in person, how we can assist you and your club in making the important decisions that will affect the future of your club for years to come.

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